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Welcome to SRH Design.

It was quite an end to 2019 and 2020 has been…well…[insert your own feelings here].

However, there have been lots of positives for me. Not only did I become the first Mailchimp Partner in Ireland and Northern Ireland but I reached a new eCommerce milestone.

My clients have now generated over £1.5 MILLION in sales.

Building in Public

2021 is disappearing quickly and I need to just ship my own website, so to showcase these changes and everything that I do, my old site is gone and this new site is going to build slowly.

I’ll be writing a blog about each process as well but for now, I have a thread on Twitter.

Oh…there’s a podcast coming too! (it’s definitely coming, probably…)

Apple announce iOS 15 privacy changes for email

Apple unveiled the new iOS 15 with new privacy features that will affect email marketing. I have created a public Google doc to keep you all updated on the impact and what you can do now.

(Doc last updated: 11th June 2021 v1.3)


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